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Students be INSPIRED!!!
Indeed, “inspiration”can be very contagious!!!
There are so many incredible achievements happening right now; especially in the STEM fields… We live in exciting times : )

Last night the world’s first 3D printed rocket was launched! Relativity proved that 3D printed structures can withstand the pressures of flight, Max-Q, and stage separation.

Relativity Space designed their own custom alloys, built the world’s largest metal 3D printers, printed a 110ft tall rocket and sent it to space!

A night to remember!

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10/6 Space Tourism News

Space Tourism news October 5, 2022

Space tourism: From Arizona to the stratosphere – KOLD

World View is based right here in Tucson and KOLD News 13 got to go inside the explorer space capsule.Flag as irrelevant 

Space tourism: From Arizona to the stratosphere – KOLD


‘Jeff Bezos has a vision for the future’ | ARMENPRESS Armenian News Agency


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 4, ARMENPRESS. Space tourismis gaining momentum with the rapid development of private space exploration companies.Flag as irrelevant 

Barbie goes to space: how did space travel become un-chic? | Euronews



But it ain’t chic. Video editor • Maxime Caron. FEMINISM SPACE TOURISMBARBIE COLD WAR ITALY SPACE.Flag as irrelevant 

The gigantic moon hotel that could be built in Dubai – Hospitality Net


Hospitality Net

Whether it’s a blast into suborbital space or a hotel stay among the stars, space tourism entrepreneurs believe one day we’ll all be opting for …Flag as irrelevant 

SpaceX Crew 5 mission set to lift off for International Space Station


Space Daily

Russian officials have said they will remain committed to the ISS partnership through at least 2024. Related Links SpaceTourism, Space Transport …Flag as irrelevant 

Jeff Bezos fund to push for Africa land restoration around UN climate summit – Bizcommunity


ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

The destination’s new brand campaign, “Venture Deeper,” emerged into the global tourism space, eager to showcase St. Kitts from a re-energized …Flag as irrelevant 

Will use Indian Army hotline to communicate with China in case of air space violation


ConstructConnect Canada

It will create a space for ideation and innovation and functions, in part, … Moon resort project brings spacetourism down to Earth.Flag as irrelevant See more results | Edit this alert

Ride the Falcon…

In this long exposure photo, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, carrying four astronauts to the International Space Station, on Friday, April 23, 2021

Could the next space station be a luxury hotel?

This picture shows the view from the International Space Station as it soars 271 miles above the southern coast of Argentina.

This picture shows the view from the International Space Station as it soars 271 miles above the southern coast of Argentina.

Call it outer space tourism or luxury travel, commercializing space is no longer a far-out idea… How about a Luxury Space Hotel. Barron Hilton, in 1967, mentioned you can “have a martini and enjoy the stars.” What company will lead the way?

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