Hire our Members


Motto: “Our MEMBERS make the BEST Aerospace & Defense Employees!!!”

We offer a ZERO RISK value proposition in terms of hiring the BEST Talent in the World. With one of the largest S.T.E.M. member bases on planet Earth–6.5 Million in our total network—we are an obvious choice in terms of low cost and highly efficient Aerospace & Defense Professional Services, Staff Augmentation & Staffing…We keep costs LOW because we are talking directly with out MEMBERS and their friends.

eMail Jobs@SpaceTourismMagazine.com today .

Our SECURITY CLEARANCE resource pool is the largest in North America.

Our S.T.E.M. group is the largest in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aerospace/Defense Careers we specialize in:

Pilots or Crew Members of a Spacecraft
Pilot Astronaut, Mission Specialist, Payload Specialist

Physical Scientists
Astronomer, Chemist, Geologist, Meteorologist, Oceanographer, Physicist

Life Scientists
Biologist, Medical Doctor, Nutritionist, Physiologist, Psychologist

Social Scientists
Economist, Sociologist

Computer Scientist, Mathematician, Statistician, Systems Analyst

Other Fields
Quality Control Inspector, Ground Radio Operator, Teletypist

Aerospace/Astronautics, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Materials, Mechanical, Nuclear, Petroleum, Plastics, Safety, Systems

Aerospace Model, Aircraft, Avionics, Electrical/Electronics, Engineering, Fabrication, Materials, Pattern Maker and Molder

Engineers Designers
Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical

Technical Communicators
Artist, Audiovisual Specialist, Editor, Education Specialist, Photographer, Public Relations, Writer

Facilities Management
Janitors, Cleaners, Maintenance

Welders, Mechanics

Interested in learning more??? Simply email Jobs@SpaceTourismMagazine.com



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