Brain Wars

*Do you have a TOUGH Problem??? Looking for some smart people? Need a NEW Idea or Concept? Want to “think outside the box?” If so…………..

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This scenario is a TRUE Win-Win for everyone involved…The institution/corporation receives the “best” overall product at a discounted fixed-price…The Winner receives cash and notoriety…And—even those who do not win still gain valuable expertise and working-knowledge of a complex educational issue. Our community of students, professionals and colleagues is comprised of experts from fields such as computer science, statistics, economics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, aerospace, space science, multimedia, physics, machine learning, engineering, etc…


We charge 18% of the total prize amount for our services. Hence–if a prize is $10,000 we accept $1800. Everything else (82%) goes to the winning person or team.

After you register our team will work very closely with you in terms of explaining everything, set up, fundamentals, etc…

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